how season change occur due to global warming

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    Seasons and Global Warming are two very different concepts.

    Seasons have been observed scientifically for 100s of years, and there has been widespread understanding of seasons since before recorded history.

    “Global Warming” is a term that, as far as many people are concerned, has never been properly defined at all! Ever. As in: Very many people don’t think it exists.

    So asking how the two relate has an obvious problem! 

    But assume, for the sake of discussion that Global Warming does exist. And also assume — as is widely believed — that Global Warming often causes more extreme weather conditions. In that case we would expect to see some heat records, some cold records. There would be more storms, and they would be more violent.

    It’s very difficult to say what is “normal” change for the Earth, and what is not normal. One person, who is say “anti-green” will look at a severe storm and say “So what? The Earth has always had violent storms, and there have been storm much more violent than that.” The “green” person might look at the same storm and say: “Yes, there have been such violent storms before, but how long ago? What are the statistical chances of several happening in the space of a few years?”

    The general answer to your question is that seasons produce extremes in weather, and that if Global Warming exists, it ALSO produces extremes in weather. Slap the two effects on top of one another, and the result is .. VERY extreme changes in weather.


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