How is sea life in the Pacific Ocean being affected by climate change?



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    Global warming will affect life in all the world’s oceans, the Pacific included. Since at least 2002, a “dead zone” has formed off the coast of the western United States each summer, killing off many types of marine life. Scientists believe the dead zone is partly due to changing ocean current caused by global warming, which have contributed to a lack of oxygen in that part of the Pacific. Warmer than average temperatures in the Pacific also seem to have contributed to reduced salmon runs and negative impacts on other fish populations. Global warming also threatens to alter ocean currents in ways that would reduce the amount of nutrients brought up from the depths of the sea to the surface waters; this threatens the food supply of the planktonic organisms that make up the base of many ocean food chains. These are just a few of the most notable ways life in the Pacific Ocean could be affected by a destabilized climate.

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