How is San Diego conserving their water right now?



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    In terms of what the City of San Diego itself is doing, there are several laws, programs, and incentives that promote water conservation: Among many existing codes for buildings and lascaping projects, Municipal Code 147.04 requires that all buildings, prior to selling to a new owner, be retrofitted with water-conserving plumbing fixtures. There is an exemption given to any industrial company that participates in daily conservation programs including recycling water, to the mandatory restrictions on water usage during times of drought. The commercial landscape program, offers industrial and commercial properties a surveyor to assess ways it can save on water, cutting costs for the company and saving water for the city. There is also an annual film contest and an art contest for students, on the subject of water conservation. Furthermore, the city offers some great tips of conserving water, information on alternative rainwater collection systems, and several rebates and incentives to home owners and businesses (see the city’s website here.)

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