How to responsibly dispose of used cat litter

I am aware that used litter containing feces and urine are extremely high in bacteria. Few cities have a plan for disposal, but it is well known that cat owners dispose of litter in garbage bags headed for a land-fill site, which leaks into the ground and hence drains into a rivers and streams.



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    There are kitty litter products that are all-natural, using no petroleum in their manufacturing – but in the end, this might not work out for your situation.  Regardless of your litter choice, one great option is to buy biodegradable bags.  You can also compost your kitty litter and flush the poop down the toilet to be filtered the same as human waste.  Brave New Leaf answered this question fully, check out the link below.

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    Some people really enjoy having the Cat Genie – it is a flushable cat toilet that uses plastic granules as the litter.  The plastic granules are washed inside the unit every day, as the toilet is connected to your sewer system.  It uses a mixture of water and a cleaning solution to wash out the cat waste, and clean the inside of the bowl.  This way, you do not have to deal with your cat breathing in any harsh chemicals and dust while in its box.  It also prevents you from having to throw plastic bags full of cat waste along with this chemical-laced litter into the garbage every time you scoop.  Biodigradable bags, however, are available if you do choose to have a box instead of a toilet for your cat.  Chemical-free and fragrance-free litter is also available, although using this may cause it to smell more, requiring you to take extra steps to control the smell (like using baking soda) – no one likes a smelly cat box.

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