How to reroot a palm branch?

I have a palm plant that I accidentally pruned and one of the branches came off. I want to know how I can root this branch and grow another palm.



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    Palm tree cuttings are generally difficult to reroot, especially if the cutting doesn’t already have it’s own root system.  However, I’ll provide instructions on rerooting, or propogating, palm plants and you’re free to see if they work with your branch.

    The best way to reroot palms is to look for a well-developed sucker (side shoot) on the original plant, then cutting away the sucker as close to the base of the parent plant as possible – you want to make sure you’re keeping as many roots as possible attached to the sucker.  Suckers often produce their own roots, which means the new palm will have a healthy start.

    Once you’ve separated your cutting from the parent plant, place it in a mixture of two parts potting mix and one part coarse sand in a 4-inch pot with good drainage.  Make sure to moisten your potting soil before putting in the new palm.  

    Once you’ve gotten your sucker into the pot, cover the pot with a sheet of sheer plastic.  Keep your plant covered for a month, then take off the plastic.  Make sure to water it whenever the top layer of the potting mix starts to dry out.  Don’t overwater; it’s easy to think of palms as tropical plants that need tons of sun and tons of water, but too much water will lead to rot.  Once new growth becomes visible, treat the new palm like a mature palm plant.  If you’d like to plant your new palm outdoors, do sure during the spring.  The spring season offers the best environment for newly planted palm plants.

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