How is reproduction for ferns different than for other plants?



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    The simple answer is that ferns reproduce through spores and most other plants that humans are familiar with reproduce through seeds

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    Unlike most other plants (such as conifers and flowering plants), they do not form flowers or seeds/fruits. Instead they alternate between two generations. One is the sporophyte, which, as the name suggests, produces spores (each of which only has one set of chromosomes). But here, instead of having the spores fertilize and grow into a seed, a spore grows on its own in the ground as a gametophyte. It then produces gametes (sperm and eggs) that will also have a single set of chromosomes. Now this sperm fertilizes the eggs, producing the sporophyte (with the normal set of pairs of chromosomes). The gametophyte is usually a very small plant compared to the sporophyte, the latter being what you usually picture when you think about ferns.

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