how to recycle an old Blendtec cup?

it’s not BPA free and is plastic #6 or 7



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    Plastic #6 can be recycled through some curbside programs, but I am not sure that you are correct in saying it is #6, as this not a very durable type of plastic.  I did a search and found a replacement blendtec cup advertised on a website saying it is made of polypropylene which is plastic #5.  If these plastic types are not accepted through curbside recycling programs in your area, Whole Foods locations throughout the country will accept them for recycling if you’re willing to take the trip, additionally Preserve accepts mail-in recyclables as well.  Please refer to this website to search for recycling programs in your area.  I hope this helps!

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    Unfortunately if it is #7 plastic, you’re stuck. There isn’t enough #7 plastic to make mass collection necessary. You’ll have to look for a municipality that specifies it collects #7 plastic. 

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