How quickly do you think cars need to recharge for them to be good for Americans?



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    Ideally, an electric cars should recharge as quickly as you can fill up a gas tank which is only a couple of minutes, but with battery technology, this is an impossibility. The thing is, I don’t think that electric cars will ever work for all of America. The place where electric cars have a chance in the U.S. is in dense urban areas, where people don’t drive long distances, and for this application, I would say that the car should be able to recharge in no more than a few hours. For the American living in the suburbs or the countryside, hydrogen fuel cell cars make much more sense because they can be driven in the same style that Americans drive gasoline powered cars. Americans will not be happy to give up the freedom of driving a couple hundred miles, filling up, and then driving some more. That is why I don’t think electric cars will be successful in all of the United States.

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