how to protect the habitat of dolphins



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    First of all, dolpins live in harbors, bays, lagoons, gulfs and tributaries. Here are some ways everyone can help protect the dolpins and prevent dolphins from being endangered and becoming extinct. 

    1. Buy and only eat “dolpin safe” tuna.

    2. Always dispose of trash and chemicals properly because they end up in the ocean and can poison and hurt dolphins. Help by using reusable bags and always recycle.

    3. Participate in beach clean-ups which will reduce the amount of trash that can harm any animals including dolphins.

    Those are three simple ways you can contribute and is accommodating to everyday life. Dolphins are intelligent marine animals who are known for their playfulness. They are social mammals who often follow ships and interact with humans. It would be great great if we all contribute and help protect this playfun and beautiful creatures.

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