How is prison bad for the environment?



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    This is an interesting question to consider. One of the ways that prison is bad for the environment is its size and effect on surrounding areas. Especially in the United States, we have 25% of the entire world’s prison population and the number and sizes of the prisons increase each year. These prisons take land, building materials, food, etc. and it costs taxpayers money while the inmates themselves can’t contribute to society either with work (or with tax money) meaning that resources are put into prisons without being able to get much out of them. Areas surrounding prisons aren’t the most desirable to live around so the local economy in the area might be hurt. The effects on the environment are kind of secondary. There are some direct effects that they have on the environment (the electricity to power the prison, food practices, and construction) but most of the effects are secondary and take a couple steps to make the effects evident.

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