How is President Obama trying to help the wind energy sector?



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    Obama has plans in place to develop wind-farms off the shores of Virginia, New Jersey, Delaware and Maryland and is prospecting places for wind-farms off the coasts of Rhode Island, Massachusetts and maybe North Carolina. These wind-farms, he hopes, will generate up to 80% of U.S. electrical needs by the year 2035. You can find more details of his wind energy plans by following the link below.

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    President Obama has recently approved the first offshore wind project in the Unoted States, Cape Wind. Over  $50 million has been set aside for wind energy research, which Obama hopes to soon have powering mid-Atlantic states.

    This is not the first time Obama has come out to support wind energy, however, as much of the stimulus plan he approved in 2009 allocated resources for improving alternative energy sources, including wind power.

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