How possible do you think it is that we will see no more fish in the ocean?



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    Personally I don’t believe we will see an ocean completely devoid of fish. This sort of extreme would mean much more than just no fish, and I am hopeful that (if for no other reason) because of the impact on human life we will turn things around before then. That doesn’t mean the oceans aren’t in peril. Perhaps you have heard of the Great Garbage Patch or Pacific Gyre, about the size of Texas. It represents 3.5 million tons of garbage that have gathered in the Pacific Ocean between Hawaii and California. This isn’t a good sign, and if we can’t reverse this sort of behavior the no-fish sea isn’t so hard to imagine.

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    A 2009 documentary entitled “A Sea Change: Imagine a World Without Fish” is abut ocean acidification and how as our ocean’s become more acidic, it is harder for them to sustain life. It is the first documentary about ocean acidification, and has won many awards. One of the concepts which is proposed in this film is the idea that ocean acidification will destroy all fish life.

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