How popular is Discovery channel’s new series “Frozen Planet” compared to the iconic “Earth” series?



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    Planet Earth is an epic 11 part series released in 2009 after five years of production, seven continents and a 25 million dollar budget. 2009 and took the audience on quite a journey. Frozen Planet is a seven part series and also took five years in the making. Both have dramatic and stunning cinematography.

    The Frozen Planet may be more appealing because of the filming of a “brinicle” which they did not know what it was at the time of filming. It is an amazing scene. A “brinicle” is an ice stalactite that came down from the ice surface in a plume and literally killed everything in its path.

    Since it was filmed in in the Artic and Antartica is may have more appeal because it is not someplace most people get to see.

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    I think Frozen Planet is, as of yet, less popular than the Planet Earth series. I think one of the reasons for this is that Planet Earth covers all different regions of the earth, while Frozen Planet only focuses on Antarctica and the Arctic. It’s still a fascinating series, as shebola100 said, because those are two areas of the planet which we aren’t typically exposed to as much as, say, the Amazon.

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