how poisonous is a daddy long leg really?

ive always heard that the daddy long leg is the most poisonous spider, but its fangs are too small to bit you. this seems like a myth but ive never looked into it



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     There is a lot of confusion and false myths when it comes to “daddy-long legs”. In fact, there are three different insects all refered to as “daddy long-legs” but the one you are refering to is also known as the pholcid spider. There were no known reports of a person being bite, or especially a person being affect by the venom of one before. So in 2004 the Myth Buster crew proved that these spiders have large enough fangs to penetrate the skin of a human and they also disproved that they are very venomous. The victim, only felt a brief burning sensation which is not even comparable to the amount of venom that a brown-recluse spider (who has very similar fangs size and structure) can deliver. While there is not a whole lot of data on the danger of their venom. compared to other insects they have very mild venom.

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