How poisonous are pencil leads?



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    It’s not poisonous. In fact, “pencil lead” is not lead at all; it’s graphite, which is one of the formations of pure carbon. So, that is to say, pencil lead is about as poisonous as diamond (another formation of carbon): not poisonous at all.

    I wouldn’t recommend eating it or anything, but you cannot get lead poisoning from something that isn’t lead! If you were to ingest large amounts of graphite, you’d probably get poisoned. Graphite has the official government title of “relatively not poisonous” which translates to “safe, just don’t ingest a lot of it!” (ingesting too much of anything can result in poisoning, even water). And it’s not like you’re eating graphite anyway; you’re writing with it. It isn’t absorbed by the skin.

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