How is plastic made?



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    There are some basic steps how plastic is made, some specific ones are added depending on the end product.  Plastic is a form of polymers, that are composed of a long chain of smaller molecules that are known as monomers. All kinds of monomers can be used to create plastic, most of the time this is oil and natural gas, which include styrene, vinyl chloride, and vinyl acetate monomers. 

    Polymers are created by forming a series of chains or strings of monomers.

    There are two ways of creating plastic, thermosetting method and thermoplastic method. 

    The thermosetting method allows liquid monomers to be poured into a mold and to cool. The liquefied monomers are permanent in shape, producing durable goods.

    Thermoplastic method the liquid monomers are heated and slowly molded into shape. After the heating and manipulation into the desired shape, the product is cooled and allowed to set into a solid.

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