How is peanut butter made?



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    Peanut Butter starts with the peanuts collected from the peanut plant. Once the peanuts are collected, and cleaned, they are placed into a hot air roaster which raises them to a temperature of 240 degrees Celsius. The oven roasts the peanuts and turns them from white to a light brown color. Next, the peanuts are cooled and placed in a blancher machine to remove the outer skins. Now the peanuts are ready to be chopped and grinded into a good paste. The peanuts then get the additional ingredients added, which includes salt, sugar, and hydrogenated vegetable oil. Finally, the peanut butter is mixed thoroughly, cooled, and then jarred.

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    For the simplest of peanut butter recipes, it’s just oil, salt (usually contained in the oil) and peanuts.  In some healthy grocery stores, they have machines where you can make your own peanut butter.  It simply blends these ingredients together for you into a paste.

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    Peanuts are first harvested in September and October by taking the peanut plants from the ground and drying them for a few days. After inspection, they are sent to be de-shelled and cleaned, and then sent to a peanut butter manufacturing plant. They first roast the peanuts evenly, then cool them, and then send them to be blanched. This removes the outer layer of skin, and then the peanut is split and the bitter heart is removed. They are then blended into a paste, and the additional ingredients of vegetable oil, salt, and sugar are added. The peanut butter is then packaged and shipped to stores around the country for purchasing!

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