How is our agriculture industry having to change as climate change becomes worse?



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    Shifts in climate patterns have long been an obstacle for civilizations attempting to flourish. The Harappan culture the Sumerian and Mayan Civilizations, all were presented with serious challenges as climate changes occurred in their respective “heydays”. To deal with various challenges brought by shifting weather patterns our agricultural industry has created genetically engineered crops which are resistant to drought, soil containing high salt content, and some that are even poisonous to certain insect species. Artificial fertilizers and irrigation techniques are other attempts to grow an abundance of crops on land which may otherwise yield a comparatively modest harvest.  

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    Our biotechnology hasn’t particularly changed in response to climate change — in fact, total crop yields have a chance of increasing as temperature increases, up to about 3 degrees Celsius. However, climate change and the resultant erratic weather patterns would lead to an exacerbated world hunger problem, placing a greater strain on our agriculture. Agricultures dependent on rain would undergo stress, but in the developed world, our crop technology is to the point where pests and natural disasters are still the greatest threats.

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    near total loss of crops as a result of weakness of crops, resistant pests and diseases.

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