How is the Onstar system going to be used in the Volt?



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    The National Fire Protection Association (NFPA) has just announced a partnership with GM and OnStar to provide electric vehicle emergency training for first responders, and kicked off the training series.
    The announcement was made at the International Association of Fire Chiefs (IAFC) Fire-Rescue International Conference in Chicago where GM and OnStar demonstrated emergency techniques on the Chevy Volt.



    The training program is funded by the US government Recovery Act and will consist of a series of training courses. The NPFA will also be reaching out to other automakers that are producing electric cars.


    “With the Chevrolet Volt and other electric vehicles about to hit the streets, it is important to know that first responders are trained and ready to respond,” said Andrew Klock, NFPA’s senior project manager for the initiative. “First responders have a long history of successfully adapting their response to new automotive technologies in order to protect the public as well as themselves.”


    “This collaboration gives us an opportunity to extend our electric vehicle training and education program giving our nation’s first responders a platform to learn more about this new era of automotive transportation,” said Chevrolet Safety Director Gay Kent.


    Chevrolet and OnStar are helping to produce the series of online courses and videos which will be used in instructor-led courses. The objective is to ensure first responders know how to deal specifically with EVs and the Volt in particular during emergency situations such as crashes and fires.


    The first kick-off three-hour presentation took place at the conference and included an extraction demonstration using an actual Chevrolet Volt. Key points such as where to cut the high strength steel in an extraction were highlighted.


    Other items included in the presentation were how to power down the 360-v high voltage systems in an emergency and how to fight a battery fire (with water not dry chemicals).  It was also noted that OnStar will transmit the advent of a Volt crash to the OnStar command center so that first responders could be advised the crash involves an electric car.


    And, to sadden yourself a little, you can watch this video of firemen slicing up a perfectly usable Volt:



    Source (GM) and (GreenCarCongress)



    Aug 27


    GM Training Module 2 for the VOLT


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