How old is the right age to begin teaching children about the environment?



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    I don’t think too young exists. The younger they are the more they are absorbing, surrounding them with the environment and making it a part of their life would be a good start. They’ll also take many cues very early on from your behaviors. The environment is a very important issue which is why I would have to say the sooner the better.

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    We should be teaching children about the environment as soon as they are able to learn about the environment.  The earlier you ingrain positive ideologies into children, the more likely they are to stick.  If enough people begin to teach their children about the environment in a proper manner, there could soon enough be an entire generation of environmentally-minded adults.  The amount of change to be made by this generation is immense. 

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    A good example of this would be children’s television shows. When I’m watching my little cousins, I notice that their favorite television shows have some form of an environmentally driven message. This is also true for when I was a young child; I remember watching Bill Nye the Science Guy, and to this day I still retain important messages from it. Adding to what everyone else already said, there really is no age that is too young to start learning about the environment. Television is a great way to do this, since we take in messages even in a passive state. 

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