how old do i need be to own a hermit crab



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    A hermit crab is a great pet for a child, as long as you have a parent or older brother or sister to help you out some times. I remember that we had hermit crabs in our classroom when I was in grade school.

    You will have to make sure to feed the hermit crab and change the water regularly. This is when you might need some help. Also, make sure you have different sized shells in the cage. Hermit crabs move into bigger shells as they grow and if there is not a shell of the right size, the crab cannot move and continue to grow.

    Also, make sure the cage has a cover. The hermit crab will not be able to escape, but if you have a cat or other pet, it may become curious of the moving shells in the hermit crab cage!

    Good luck!

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