How old do chickens need to get before you can eat them?



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    Personally I think the little baby hatch-lings are the most delicious and crunchy. Just kidding!! It depends on the type of chicken and this actually brings up an interesting issue. Most slaughtered chickens in the U.S.- 35 million a day- are killed at 6 -7 weeks when they are 4 to 5 pounds. This is several times heavier than a normal chicken of that age and the reason is because we have bred types of chicken that gain weight really quickly. 

    If you want to learn some awful truths about how chickens are slaughtered in massive factory farms, check out this link:

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    Carly’s answer is tiptop, but keep in mind that among the most delicious kinds of chickens are those that haven’t even been born yet – or even been fertilized. I speak, of course, of delicious, delicious eggs.

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