How old are you generally when you stop growing?



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    Average height varies by genetic background and environmental factors. Women reach their greatest height at a younger age than men, around 15, while men reach there adult height around 18 years of age. 

    The link below includes a chart that shows average male and female height by country/region and what year they were measured.

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    There was a recent case of someone who could not stop growing. He was over seven feet tall at age twelve. As the only known person in the world with this condition, his doctors gave him shots to induce puberty and it slowed his growth. It was predicted that he’d be over eight feet tall.

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    Needless to say, different children grow at different rates. Generally, puberty lasts from 8 to 18 for girls, and 9 to 19 for boys. As you can tell from the chart below, courtesy of MyChildHealth, male height tends to slow at about 17:

    While girls tend to stop growing at about 16:

    (Picture from

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    Generally, I think people develop into their adult bodies up to their mid-twenties. Women’s breasts continue to grow until their early to mid-twenties, and men’s musculature continues to develop until that time.

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    Biologically speaking, our bodies are programmed to grow until we complete puberty and are ready for reproduction, which is the purpose of growing.More specifically, when estrogen levels in the blood (for both males and females) are high, that implies the completion of puberty. The endocrine system responds by secreting hormones. This causes the growth plates in our bones to fuse and they are no longer able to grow.

    Some people experience disorders in the endocrine system which can lead to abnormal growth due to overproduction of growth hormones, making arms or legs especially long or large. 

    Personally, I stopped growing at the age of 15 or 16.

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