How old are the oldest written records from Europe?



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    Keeping in mind that Europe did not exist in the way it does today, it may be difficult to set the boundaries. The oldest written texts are believed to have originated in Pakistan or Egypt, depending on which publication you read and what expert you’re listening to (in modern terms, this would constitute the western reaches of Asia and northernmost parts of Africa). However, if you are referring to what we now collectively refer to as Europe, it is most likely that the earliest written texts in the region come from the Minoans of Crete (Greece) and are known as Linear A and Linear B and date as far back as the second millenium BCE. Previously, the Minoans had used a heiroglyphic writing system. Linear A still remains more or less a puzzle to us all, but Linear B, clearly an improvement over its predecessor, has been painstakingly deciphered, unlocking a very important key to history.

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