How is oil obtained from soybeans?



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    Creating soybean oil is a very meticulous process.  It begins with cleaning the soybeans.  This means drying and dehulling them.  Dehulling is a process that removes the outer shell of the soybean — if left on, the hull would soak up most of the oil from the bean.  The soybeans are mechanically dehulled, and magnets are also used in this process to remove any iron that would inhibit the extraction of soybean oil.  

    Next, the soybeans are sliced into tiny flakes and placed in percolation extractors and soaked in a solvent.  The oil is separated from the solvent in evaporators — the solvent is then reused in the production of other soybean oil batches.  

    Now comes the purification process.  The soybean oil just created still contains many impurities — these are removed through filtration with other soluble materials.  After all of this, the soybean oil is ready to be used!  The link I cited below is really helpful in explaining this complex process.  

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