How often to vocanic eruptions happen?



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    Volcanic eruptions are constantly happening however only certain eruptions are big enough to be felt or noticed by humans. Eruptions vary in their size and explosiveness, and while small eruptions happen relatively frequently, large eruptions take more time to build enough pressure to spew large amounts of magma across distance. One way to measure the size of an eruption is to determine the volume of ash produced in an explosion; a small eruption will produce .001 to .01 cubic kilometers of ash once every several months; a huge eruption, like the Toba volcano that erupted on Sumatra 74,000 years ago, will produce around 2,800 cubic kilometers of ash once every 100,000 years. There are about 550 active and 550 dormant volcanoes on earth currently and they all have the potential to erupt; on any given day about 10 volcanoes are erupting

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