How often should you wash your hair to keep it clean?



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    From personal experience, it seems best to not wash it everyday. My hair and skin get very dry if I wash it everyday, especially in winter. Of course if I’m exercising or it’s hot then my skins natural oils are being produced faster and my skin wont dry out as easy. Generally in winter I wash my hair every 2-3 days (I still shower everyday!!) and in summer every 1-2 days.


    Take that advice with more than a grain of salt though; I’m a guy with fairly short hair.

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    I shampoo my hair almost everyday. According 2 my experience u should wash ur hair 2-3 times a week in summer n at least 3 times in a week in winters.

    There is no such thing as a combined shampoo and conditioner, that is a marketing scam, they do opposite things to the hair, so they cannot be in the same product, that would be chemically and physically impossible. Every other day is usually best to keep it clean. You should never straighten your hair, that is a bit obvious. But since you are going to do it anyway, as little as possible, it is very damaging to your hair, every other or every three days is as frequent as you can go with cheap, drugstore shampoo and conditioner. If you are using salon conditioner you can do it every day, it actually works and will really repair the damage and seal the cuticle. Use a thermal styling spray when you straighten as well, that will cut down on the damage.


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    In the past I have been told to wash your hair every other day. There are essential oils that your head produces that are very beneficial to your hair. This of course changes if you exercise daily or your body produces these oils at a faster rate than the normal human being. If you feel that your hair is drying out if you wash it every day, then try taking some time off of the shampoo. I think conditioner also helps with the drying out problem.

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    The frequency of shampooing depends of your hair type. The thicker your hair the longer it takes for the oils from your scalp to make your hair feel “dirty.” In reality, it isn’t your hair that needs to be washed, it’s your scalp. Your scalp is the living entity and the hair is dead. Harsh shampoos can make your hair feel dry and and “un-healthy,” but your scalp is what you want to focus on keeping healthy. You need to clean your scalp, but shampoo can be harsh on your hair. So, if your hair starts to feel dry, try washing your hair less often. On the days you don’t wash your hair you can simply rinse it or put a little conditioner in. 

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