How often is fire good for plant life?



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    It depends on the plant life. In California, wildfires are a vital part of the ecosystem because many plants need the heat to germinate their seeds. Redwood trees are a good example of a plant that evolved the need of fire, they are resistant to burning and their seeds need extreme heat to open and germinate (grow new trees). Fire creates ash, which is very rich in nutrients and found in many home gardening products.

    The problem is: people have been preventing fires for so long that a lot of dead brush and leaves have been allowed to pile up. This has lead to fires that burn too hot, the heat then incinerates the seeds, preventing germination and possibly killing even fire resistant trees. Another problem is arson, the Los Angeles Station fire is a recent example of a fire that is very bad for the environment.

    In California, we experience several major wildfires a year, and the number has gone down since people arrived. When the first pioneers came to California they saw a haze from all the wildfires. It’s really hard to say how often fire is needed, it’s a delicate balance.

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