How often does the tide go up and down?



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    There are 2 times of day where the tide rises at its highest, and 2 times of day when the tide is at its lowest point.

    Tides have a rhythm. Tides are the rise and fall of ocean water over a period of time – about 24-25 hours. Tides are caused by the gravitational relationship between the Earth and the Moon – and a little pull from the Sun. Tides rise and fall based on the position of the Moon in its relationship to the Earth: the closer a part of the Earth is to the Moon, the more strength the pull. The water “bulges” out toward the pull of the Moon and also bulges on the opposite side of the Earth. When the water bulges, it actually rises inland causing a “high” tide. The “low” tide (water moving away from the land) occurs in-between the two high tides on the Earth’s surface.

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