How often does it rain in a rain forest?



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    It rains about 100 inches every year in the rainforest. It doesn’t usually rain for the entirety of a day but there will usually be a part of every day where it rains.

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    Daily rain is normal in a rainforest climate; on average a rainforest receives at least 1/8th an inch of rain per day.  Over a year long time span, a rainforest usually sees more than 100 inches of rain.

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    As haydenseder and andyyear mention, a rainforest can get over 100 inches in a year.  In fact, most rainforests receive anywhere from 80 to 400 inches of rainfall in a year.  What’s more is that in addition to the average rainfall, even more moisture comes from the coastal fog that sits atop the trees due to the hot and wet climate that makes up rainforests. 

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