How often do lions breed?



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    Lions as large mammals have the accustomned relative long gestation period between conception and birth. In humans this is 9 months which is approx 230-260 days whilst lions is only 105-115 days in general. This means that technically a lion could breed up to 3 times a year in ideal conditions. However as with all mammals the must wait for the females endometrium (womb lining) to regenerate and also for the mother to recover from the pregnancy. Ontop of this most mammillian mothers, as well as giving birth to live young tend to raise their offspring untill they semi-mature before allowing them to go off on their own. With lions this is the same in that the female offspring often stay with the family for life while the male offspring leave somewhere in adolescence. This means that it is unlikely that the mother is going to have another litter when she is already encombered by the previous one. Therefore on average i would say that lions can breed approxiamately once a year in realistic conditions. 

    Cit – Length of lion gestation in basic facts and other info in life cycle

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