How often do bees reproduce?



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    From what I’ve read, it seems as if bees in certain species, like the Honeybee, only mate one time. The female bee mates with several male bees and gathers up all of the sperm that she will need in her lifetime (for up to five years). The male bee dies shortly after mating because it leaves its endophallus in the females’ body, fatally injuring itself in the process.

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    First of all, bees have a different sort of reproduction system than humans. Eggs originally have one copy of each chromosome. If it isn’t fertilized, a male is born. But, if the egg is fertilized, it receives another copy of each chromosome and becomes a female. Furthermore, the queen bee of the honey bee hive is responsible for all reproduction, and she can store sperm when she mates, allowing her to maintain the proper sex ratio in a hive. 

    Carpenter bees mate in the late spring to early summer season, and the eggs hatch the following spring, early in the season, reproducing once per year.

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