How is the ocean zoned?



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    The ocean has many distinguishable levels based upon the obvious habitat changes that occur in each level, the depth, the total sunlight that reaches them, and various other factors. The link below goes into further detail. 

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    There are 5 main ocean layers or zones.  The Epipelagic zone which is 200m deep and where most near coast marine animals live and which the most sunlight permeates.  Next is the Mesopelagic zone, extending from 200m to 1000m deep.  After that is the Bathypelagic zone from 1000m to 4000m, where almost no light penetrates and extremely exotically adapted creatures can be found, such as angler fish..  Following that is the Abyssopelagic zone from 4000m-6000m usually extending to the sea floor.  Finally the Hadalpelagic zone is the deepest, encompassing ocean trenches such as the Marianas that reaches 11000m deep.


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