How is the nutritional value of bison different from that of beef?



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    I have attached a link to a webpage comparing bison with the common ranch animals.  Here is a quick run down to answer your question:

    Fat:  Bison=2.4 g    Beef=around 9 g

    Calories:  Bison=143 kcal     Beef=210 kcal

    Cholesterol:   Bison=82 mg   Beef=86 mg

    Iron:    Bison=3.42 mg   Beef=2.99 mg

    Vitamin B12:    Bison=2.86 mcg    Beef = 2.65 mcg

    Bison is a healthier red meat with more nutrition than beef.  However bison population is far lower than bovine population.  The choice and preference are yours.


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    One interesting fact is that it is illegal to inject bison with any antibiotics or growth hormones, resulting in a more naturally raised food source. 

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