how nuclear provide clean and cheap energy?



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    Nuclear energy is a “clean” energy because it emits no gasses or smokes or carbon dioxide or any kind of environmentally-detrimental product into the environment. It also takes up little room to have nuclear plants thus requiring less land to go to waste.

    It is also cheap energy, the cheapest form available. Legal delays are what is pushing up start-up costs and keeping nuclear energy from providing citizens with clean and cheap energy.

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    I agree with everything you say here haydenseder but I have to comment on the long term cleanliness of nuclear energy.  While the short term use of a nuclear plants yields very little in the way of carbon emissions, the long term waste output of a nuclear plant is troublesome.  The issue of storing nuclear waste and spent fuel rods is not one that has been solved by any means.  The storage of these pollutants has been fiercly debated as it poses environmental and safety threats to communities.  The waste from nuclear plants will continue to pose a risk to humans over the span of millions of years.  Nuclear energy is not clean in the long term. 

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