How is New York City bicycle friendly?



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    In 2010, Bicycling Magazine declared that New York City was the eighth most bicycle friendly city in the US, after looking at the number of bike lanes, bicycle-centric events, and the number of people who commute by bike. In particular, New York earned the title because it has taken such large steps to make the city more bike friendly. In the last few years, the city’s Transportation Commissioner has helped to add over 200 miles’ worth of bicycle lanes in traffic, installed over 6,000 bike racks, and helped to give out free helmets to those who cannot afford them. In response to this effort to increase bike friendliness, the number of cyclists who ride each day in the city has increased by 45%.

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    Last year New York was named the 8th most bike friendly city in America by Bicycling magazine. They base this on the number of bike lanes, routes, and cycling events as well as number of cyclists.

    There is also a pretty silly trend article (IMO) by the NY Times about high fashion “bicycle chic” biking in evening gowns. I’ve fed way too many jean cuffs into my chain ring to ride in silk.

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