How is NeighborGoods going to help out the environment?



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    There are a myriad of reasons why this is a great idea for the environment… but I’ll stick to just one, which I think could be the single most important reason. I don’t know if you’ve noticed, but the world, the U.S. specifically, is caught up in a storm of over consumption. We pile up stuff in our basement, closet, and garage after using it maybe one or two times; Our neighbor might be considering a purchase of the same nature… let’s consider then for a moment that you and your neighbor both use this website (see link below), then for considerably less money the two of you can contract a deal to make use of this thing (whatever it is… an AbRocker…) and instead of adding one more worthless piece of junk to an assembly line, rather than hucking that nonsense into a landfill, we can pass it around to each other until we’re bored enough with it to give it to a local burner for his art car. I’m not a fan of long sentences but I felt it fitting =). (Note: My link to an art car may not make use of an AbRocker but it’s still pretty rad)

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