How is the NBA working to be a more eco friendly sports group?



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    There’s nothing much the NBA could do to offset the extraordinary ecological damage they are responsible for. Professional sports organizations are some of the worst ecological offenders.

    1. In building stadiums and huge parking lots that remain unused 90% of the time.
    2. In requiring huge transportation infrastructure to be built, to support the swell of 1,000s of fans that would otherwise bring freeways to a traffic jam halt.
    3. In those 1,000s of fans burning 1,000s of gallons of gas getting to the sports events.
    4. In promoting TV products that have huge negative environmental impact, such as big fancy SUVs.
    5. In paying professional players absurd salaries that could be better spent … basically anywhere else.
    6. In regularly flying dozens of teams around the country, causing 100s of otherwise unnecessary flights.
    7. As a part of the average 150 hours of sports events watched a year on TV. (50 kWhs of electricity.)

    Basically, professional sports are events sponsored by marketing departments to sell products. Many sports could just as easily be done on a local level in walking or short driving distance.

    This is yet another instance of how our society recently allows marketing departments to turn every innocent activity into some mass event where they can make a buck with little or no regard for the environment, the society or … basically anything else at all.

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    The NBA recently implemented a Green Initiative to reduce its ecological impact. During the week of April 4 to April 11, the NBA celebrated its Green Week by partering with the Natural Resources Defense Council (NRDC). One of the things NBA teams did during Green Week was wear Adidas 30 Revolution uniforms which were made from sixty percent recycled materials. I think that freedsmooth brings up some very valid environmental problems with the NBA, and whether or not this Green Initiative is a publicity thing, they are still making small steps.

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