How much of your daily liquid intake should be water?



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    On average, a man should drink about 3 liters of water per day, and a woman should drink about 2.2 liters of water per day. However, this doesn’t mean that you NEED to drink only water for all of this. However, water is better for you than sugary sodas or artifical fruit drinks. You should aim to drink mostly water every day.

    This amount can vary based on a lot of things. How much you exercise, how much you’re eating, how much stress you’re under, whether you’re breast-feeding and a whole host of other reasons.

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    For proper hydration, improved digestion and metabolism, all you need is water. Generally, I would say make 100% of your intake of fluids be water. Although, there are a few exceptions.

    There is no reason to drink sugary sodas or even juices. This does not necessarily apply to superfood type juices. As long as you are aware of what you are consuming, they can be a great addition to your diet (replacing fruits or other carbs you might be eating through the day). Awesome juices would be wheatgrass, spinach, kale, etc…  Don’t over do it.

    For athletes, water might not be enough to hydrate you and replenish minerals. This is where sports drinks can be helpful. They have electrolytes, which are necessary for cellular metabolism. It is said that 2 hour of exercise or just being in heat can seriously compromise the levels of electrolytes in your body, making you feel lethargic and weak. It can even be dangerous.

    Also, although not necessary, there are health benefits to green tea and red wine. Green tea is wonderful, just do not put any sugar in it and choose high quality. You should not be drinking more than 1 or even 1/2 glass of red wine.

    Whatever you drink,  drink water after wards. Your teeth are sensitive to low pH and it is better to rinse your mouth.

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