How much of your brain do you actually use?



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     Despite common myths of the average person using only a small percentage of their brain it is scientifically proven that every part of it is put to use in different ways. In saying that its not a power hub for only knowledge its and organ which controls our higher functions and regular ones like breathing that aren’t voluntary! 

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    There is a myth that we only use 10% of our brains, with the explanation being that if we used 100% of our brain we would have to manually control our lungs, liver, and other organs. This is completely incorrect since our brain does control those organs- it’s a completely involuntary function overseen by the brain. Our brain is an organ that takes up about 3% of our weight and 20% of our energy- for it to use only 10% would be amazingly inefficient. It’s actually been said that over a course of a entire day, a person will use 100% of their brain.

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