How much of the year is there no sun in the arctic?



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    It really depends on where you are in the Arctic, and how you define “no sun.”  There are different degrees of both polar twilight and polar night.  Because of refraction there can actually be enough light to see by during polar twilight, even though there’s no actual daylight directly shining down on an area.  There are very few places that experience true “polar night” that have people living in them; one such place is Alert, Nunavut, the northernmost settlement in Canada and the world, where from late November to mid-January they experience “nautical polar night,” which is the “is the period that no trace of light can be seen anywhere but the sky is not completely dark at midday” (1st citation).  The other degrees of polar twilight have similar time frames; in general, the winter is really, really dark way up north.


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