How much a year is India spending on trying to stop climate change?



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    India has many publicly funded programs to address the 
    direct impacts and prevention and control of climate risks. In addition to these, the 
    main objective of major anti-poverty and rural development programs is reduction 
    of vulnerability to climate risks.  At present, Government of India spends no less 
    that 12 percent of its annual budget or 2.63 percent of the GDP on these programs

    According to data collected by the United Nations Development Programme, the Indian government spends 12 percent of its yearly budget on climate change programs that “address the direct impacts and prevention and control of climate risks,” (“Climate Change Perspectives on India“). 

    India’s 2011-2012 Union Budget has amounted 60 ruppees to be spent mainly on conservation of forests. The country’s Finance Minister, Pranab Mikherjee, discussed the climate change program called Green India Mission (GIM), which for example focuses on the rejuvanation of forests. The new budget for India shows that the country is dedicated more of their funds toward climate change and environmental initiatives compared to in the past.

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