How much would the total cost of an electric car be now if it were to drive 100000 miles in its lifetime compared to the same cost for a gas driven car? This including road tax, insurance, etc. If the price of insurance and road tax is the same it do



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    That is a very complex question. Due to the fact that electric vehicles currently pay no road tax in America, that part of the equation can be eliminated for electric vehicles. Road tax is included in the price of gasoline, so that is part of the equation for gasoline-driven vehicles. Since most insurance companies charge monthly fees instead of distance-based fees, that part of the equation depends on how many miles you drive per month. So, I’m going to give you a basic cost per mile analysis.

    If gasoline is $3.00/gallon and the vehicle get 30mpg, then the cost per mile would be $0.10. However, gasoline-driven vehicles vary widely in efficiency and 30mpg is considered extremely good. I used to give this speech to my energy merit badge class, and the general comment when I gave them a figure of 30mpg was something to the effect of, “Wow! That’s really high gas mileage!”

    The cost per mile of an electric motor is a lot lower. However, this also depends on the efficiency of the vehicle and the price of electricity. Also, due to some new energy pricing schemes, it may cost more to charge during the day than it costs to charge overnight. Tesla typically tells customers that it will cost $0.02 per mile. Since my dad has a home-built electric vehicle, and his cost is $0.03 per mile, I believe Tesla’s assessment. My dad’s vehicle runs on lead-acid batteries, so it is heavier than the Tesla Roadster and thus slightly less efficient.

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