How much would our CO2 emissions be reduced if every car were replaced with a hybrid vehicle today?



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    Let’s take the Toyota Prius as our hybrid example, since that is most people’s image of a hybrid.  According to Toyota, the Prius has emissions of 104 g/km.  This number is 55% less than comparable, similar-sized cars emit, and remember that many cars are not comparable; they are much bigger in size, for starters.  So, 50-60% reduction is a good range.

    HOWEVER, if everyone ditched his or her current car for a hybrid, there would be lots of gasoline cars filling up landfills.  Studies have shown that it is better to keep your current car as long as it lasts than to buy a new hybrid, considering fossil fuels go into the production of the car and these outweigh the benefits of driving the hybrid.  Wired Magazine reported that it takes 113,000 BTUs of energy to make a Toyota Prius.  Check out the link for more information:

    So, if you need a new car, a hybrid is a great way to go, a used car is better, but don’t go trashing your car to save the environment, because it might not be the best way.

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