How much would a box of cigarettes cost in this present day?

I don’t smoke. This question is for a report to stop some others from smoking.



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    CAMEL 99 LIGHT BOX 100 CIGARETTES is $41.20.

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    This depends on whether you are looking for prices of cigarette cartons or prices of individual packs of cigarettes. It also depends on the state or country you are in, since different places have different taxes on cigarettes. Prices of cigarette packs can be anywhere from $3.75 to more than $10.00 in different states in the U.S., according to data from 2009. The average price of a cigarette pack in the U.S. is $5.29, including sales taxes.

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    The price is cigarettes varies greatly from country to country, and even within a particular nation.  Some nations sell a pack of cigarettes for under $1, while others sell them over $10.  The expensive packs typically come from countries who have universal health care, and therefore hike up tobacco and alcohol taxes in order to combat the negative health effects they produce.  A more interesting way to look at the price of tobacco is to look at the amount of labor is required in order to purchase a pack of cigarettes in that country.  In Montreal, Canada a pack of international smokes can be purchased with just 18 minutes of average labor.  While in Naroibi, Kenya a pack of smokes would cost 158 minutes of average labor.  Also, smokers in Minghang, China spend nearly 60% of their wages on tobacco.

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