How much worse is Kobe beef for the environment?



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    This is a difficult question to answer.  It may be taht Kobe beef is not at all worse for the environment.  The main differences between what is sold as Kobe beef and what is sold as any other beef steak or sirloin is how the animal is treated during its life.  Kobe beef (so named for the town in Japan this tradition was started) come from a lineage of a certain breed of black cattle.  They are fed a fattening diet including sake and beer mash and given massages.  Unless this diet makes the cattle produce extra methane, there is no reason to believe that their meat is somehow worse for the environment.  The only way it could become worse, is if you (in America or other country far from Japan) choose to eat Kobe beef, imported from Japan, rather than locally farmed beef, then the environmental cost of shipping would make the beef worse.

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