How much worse gas mileage does a V-8 get than a 4 banger?



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    It depends on more than just the number of cylinders— it depends on HOW you drive them! I actually bet it is possible to drive an V-8 in such a way that it gets better gas mileage than a straight 4.  but you would have to be driving the V-8 at the optimal rpm and never wasting any fuel (always coasting to a stop instead of having to apply the breaks) and you would have to drive the 4 cylinder like a maniac, but I digress. I’d say your average 4 cylinder car gets somewhere around 25 mpg whereas the average v-8 get’s right around 18 or 20.  So maybe a difference of anywhere between 4 or 5 mpg all the way up to 10 or 15 mpg better in the 4 cylinder! I mean if you compare an old 455 cu.i muscle car to a honda civic you might be talking a difference of 20 mpg, but again it depends on the way you drive it!

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