How much of the world’s water flows through underground caves?



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    About twenty percent of the world’s water is groundwater, but not all groundwater flows through underwater caves. Much is simply embedded in the earth’s soil. There are millions and millions of underground caves (the exact number is unknown) and most have at least some groundwater. Most litoral caves (i.e. caves near bodies of water, such as achialine caves, and cenote caves) are completely flooded. Some of these flooded caves are hundreds of miles long and relatively unexplored due to the difficulty of traversing the narrow and rugged passages. It is speculated that these underwater caves may house undiscovered fauna. A recent exploration in Australia, for example, uncovered over 850 new species living in an underwater cave system.

    Sorry if this post doesn’t really answer your question, but underground bodies of water remain among the few mysterious frontiers left on this planet. To read more about underground bodies of water, see the following links:

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