How much of the world depends on wind energy in percentage



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    The use of wind energy has seen a significant increase in recent years.  In 2007 there were almost 94,000 MW (megawatt) of wind power installed around the world whereas in 2005 there was only a total of 59,000 MW. 

    Many countries around the world are increasing their dependence on wind energy although Germany and the U.S. take the lead in wind energy capacity.  

    In 2007, the 8 countries with the most capacity for wind energy were as follows:

    1. Germany: 24%
    2. U.S.: 18%
    3. Other: 21% (France 3%, UK 3%, Portugal 2%, rest of world 14%)
    4. Spain: 16%
    5. India: 8%
    6. PR China: 6%
    7. Denmark: 3%
    8. Italy: 3%

    This is according to Global Wind Energy Council Report, 2007.

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