How much wood are they exporting from Madagascar?



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    That is unknown, because much of the timber coming from Madagascar is being exported illegally. An environmentally unique and fragile land, Madagascar was briefly a leader in Africa in protecting forest resources and its environment, largely as a means (mostly successful) to increase eco-tourism. With the overthrow of the government in 2009, enforcement of environmental regulations evaporated, and illegal loggers declared open season on Madagascar’s forests. An organization called Global Witness estimated at the end of 2009 that between $88,000 and $460,000 worth of hardwoods were being havested per day from national parks and formerly protected areas. That’s a tremendous amount of export, and a huge economic boom to one of the poorest countries in the world–but an irreplaceable loss to Madagascar’s environment. If order is not restored and some measure is taken to preserve its natural resources, Madagascar’s one hope to better itself economically–its environment and its eco-tourism industry–may be irretrievably lost.

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